To Our Dear Family Of Patients!
First of all, we wish you & your loved-ones health & safety in these unprecedented times. Are you or anyone you know experiencing a dental emergency? If so, get ready to answer the Triage questions:

1.Do you have a fever?
2.Do you have a cough?
3.Do you have difficulty breathing?

If you answer YES to any or all of the 3 questions first CALL your physician asap. We all want to help our healthcare “frontliners”. If the answer is NO then: What constitutes a dental emergency that can be seen in a dental office?

1.Severe pain
2.Uncontrollable bleeding
3.Swelling especially w/oozing sores

In the past days, we have helped screen & practice SAFE-DISTANCING by requesting when appropriate to send a photo of the patient’s area of concern to our office phone:  714 772-6540. The office # 714 772 6540 phone system accept texts & attachments.
You can also email us @mynicedentist@gmail.com. Follow up announcements will be available at our website: mynicedentist.com

Stay safe & healthy ♡ Dr*G 

What Your Smile Tells ….

Just like in nature, we experience every day how essential good patient-dental healthcare is! Your well-being and oral health care is our main concern as should be yours!
We provide Conservative Dentistry from the Heart – and we are here to improve your smile!
You want white teeth?  We are here to help you with all your dental needs!

And, as we all know, 2020 readiness means also to take care of your dental four (4) or (6) six month recall.
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You want white teeth?  We are here to help you with all your dental needs! Call and ask about our Promos!


You may call, fax or send a message at any time to our business phone number (714) 772-6540.
We are receiving your messages 24/7 and are always answering as soon as we get your message.

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Dr. Estrella-Gemba delivers the personalized health care experience for your special dental care needs and concerns every time you come in. In addition, while you are seeking and receiving a reliable health care experience in our office, you will experience the unique patient care customized to your individual needs – and she is the only dentist you are going to see!

Please know that you, our loyal patients, friends and families, are on top of our list! It is truly a blessing to serve you. Your trust and faith in us is inspiring! Feel free to call or e-mail us at your convenience with any of your questions or appointment wishes.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Alice Estrella-Gemba, DDS 
410 S Euclid St. #4, Anaheim, CA 92802 –
Tel.: (714) 772-6540 – email: mynicedentist@gmail.com